Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer into Fall

Hello everyone!
I can't believe how this summer has slipped away and the rhythms of a new season are upon us.  I must admit, I am happy to move into cooler Fall temperatures and slowing down the garden chores (especially, all the mowing!).  My garden is a bit wild these days as the deer chewed a lot of my plants while we were on vacation, so I am more than happy to let nature do the work with the foliage colors of Fall.
Most of these pictures were taken from the end of August. I am a bit behind on documenting my garden...hopefully, next year I will do better.

The annuals are really bringing lots of color to the September garden. 

The ferns along our woodland path greened up in August, but now they are a beautiful rust color.

By our pond, the chestnut tree is heavy with nuts bringing excitement to all the little hands enjoying them.  What an abundant September treat!

"Sympathy with nature is an evidence of perfect health.  You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind."


Sweet Bergmansia shows off her lovely trumpets every September. She is a labor of love as I bring her indoors for winter. (Yes, she is decidedly female!)
Our wood shed is full just in time for our first October fire...until then, we will enjoy lots of bonfires!!

 This is a soapstone sculpture I made many years ago...I think it works well in the garden.

Wishing you moments that delight you,
 laughter that is shared,
 happiness that grows,
and memories to keep!! Happy gardening!!
Thanks for visiting,