Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Week in Weather




These scenes seem to sum up what this past week has felt like in our neck of the woods. We started the week with still a lot of snow and ice and ended it with sunshine and warm temperatures! It was truly lovely  and the fresh air and blue skies so welcoming! I am not sure if it is here to stay, but we are certainly enjoying the sunshine!
Wishing everyone a joyous week ahead!
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Walk

This morning I enjoyed a hike down to feed the horses with my oldest daughter, Arabelle.  She will be eight next month--- hard for me to believe!

Icicles, creek crossings...and ROBINS! Oh my!

Robins everywhere!
Wolfgang leads the way! He turns to take "head count" ever so often.

Do you see what I see?? This holly tree was loaded with robins!

Sweet April(my favorite) was the only horse willing to get her picture taken. The other two decided they were ready for some grain and refused to pose for the camera.
Now, it is time for a nap! I think she earned it.
Wishing everyone a joyous start to the week!
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Garden Stroll

 A Garden Stroll

This weekend we planted some seeds and dreamed of strolling through the garden in flip-flops. In reality our stroll outside was brisk, windy, and wet with a mix of snow and rain. As I walked through each area of my garden, my thoughts went to what lies beneath the ice and snow. 

There is such an assurance that Spring will come and our gardens will wake up once again.

I wish everyone a wonderful week ahead!

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

French Creek Game Farm
Last week we enjoyed a trip to Rock Cave to check on our friend, French Creek Freddie, West Virginia's very own groundhog. Due to poor weather we decided to skip the Groundhog's Day event on Sunday and go a day earlier to visit all the animals.  It was a beautiful day with lots of sun and warm breezes.  Perfect for our cabin fever from those single digits and snow from the weeks before.  It was also my aunt's birthday, which we always associate with the Groundhog's Day holiday. She had a wonderful day, even though we didn't get to see Freddie. We believe they had him in the lodge giving him a massage, pedicure/manicure, and a feast deserving of such a celebrity in preparation for the next days events.
Although we didn't get to see French Creek Freddie we saw bear, mountain lions, bobcats, wolves, owls, turkey, deer, eagles, elk and hawk. 

All the animals seemed very happy to come out and socialize. I think they had a case of cabin fever as well. The next day French Creek Freddie did not see his shadow, which according to Groundhog Day tradition means an early spring!!!
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Reflections on Water

Today my thoughts are with the people of Charleston, West Virginia as they continue their fight for clean water. Almost a month after the January 9th chemical spill, the people of Charleston still do not trust their tap water. Imagine not trusting the water you drink or bathe in? We often take for granted that we can turn the tap on, know that it is safe, and know that it will be there tomorrow. This is not a unique situation for many West Virginians. The coal companies and logging companies find great value in this beautiful landscape and West Virginians have been exploited for years. Greed of a few trumps the basic necessities of many.
Wild and Wonderful West Virginia is my home, my family's home. West Virginia is an amazing landscape of countrysides crossed by streambeds in mountainous terrain. It is a countryside of towering shade trees, delicate flowers, beautiful rivers,and open meadows. It is a landscape to be loved and preserved for future generations.  


 Joy, contentment, and wonder are experienced by those that truly take the time to experience all of this natural beauty. Water runs through it all.

My hope is for those in political positions to make the right decisions and create regulations that restore the faith of a community. A community that just wants clean, healthy water. I think we all deserve that!
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